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23nd Annual Smoky Mountain Boogie
Benefiting St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital
by the Smoky Mountain Shaggers

Dates and Price of Admission

The Smoky Mountain Boogie will begin at 7pm Thursday March 7 and run thru Saturday night March 9.  The price for the Boogie is $98 per person.   Includes daily free pours and snacks, Friday night dinner, and dance lessons on Friday and Saturday. Daily breakfast is included with hotel room rate.  Day passes, if available, for Friday and Saturday are $50 for each full day.  Paid registrations are NOT refundable, but are transferable.

Ordering Tickets

This year attendance at the Boogie requires a registered ticket, but no physical tickets will be issued.  Ordering tickets is a three (3) step process:

  1. Registration: Contact information for each guest must be provided with information about the purchaser of the ticket(s).  For example, John wants to buy two tickets; one for himself and one for Mary.  He registers himself as a guest and the purchaser.  Then he registers Mary as a guest and again himself as purchaser.  A registration acknowledgement is emailed to each registered guest.

  2. Order Tickets: After each guest is registered the option to Begin a Ticket Order is provided.  While creating the order, be sure to verify the tickets ordered matches the number of guests registered. Our system doesn't do this automatically.

  3. Complete the Checkout: During check out, the method of payment can be a manual payment by check done offline or a credit card payment done online.  Regardless of the payment method planned, to insure each order is recorded, the process must be completed.  After the Boogie receives payment an email will be sent to the purchaser confirming the ticket purchase.

Club Tables

It is the policy of the Boogie to automatically arrange club tables for any club with more than 10 attendees.  DO NOT SEND A PAPER FORM for any reservation; it will be returned.  Registrations are only being accepted online (first come first served) so we can maintain accurate attendee information and determine order priority.  When a person registers, they can indicate their club affiliation from a provided list of clubs.  If the club is not listed they can select Other and then enter a new club.  To register 10 or more people, there are two approaches:

  1. Each person enters their name as guest and purchaser.  Simply have all people do their own registrations on-line and pay for their own registration by either card or check and choose the same club affiliation.

  2. One purchaser collects name, email, phone#, and address for all people and registers each person in the same club online while indicating them self as the purchaser.  The purchaser is then responsible for paying the registrations with a card or check(s).

Credit/Debit Cards Accepted

This year we accept checks or money orders for paying Boogie registrations, but we also accept credit or debit cards using SQUARE payment processing.  After each guest registration, a link is provided to Begin a Ticket Order and then finalize the order by offline check or online card payments.  For faster ticket confirmation, guests should use a credit or debit card.

Mailing Check Payments

To confirm your ticket(s), checks or money order payments must be sent as soon as possible AFTER ordering tickets. Do not send a payment before registering and ordering tickets online.  Payments must be sent to:

Smoky Mountain Boogie c/o Bill Linam

1310 Park Glen Road

Knoxville, TN 37919

Waiting List

When all tickets are sold, visitors to the Boogie site will be able to register on our waiting list.  Wait listed contact details are collected, but no purchaser information, orders, or payments are collected.  When tickets are made available, a wait listed person will be contacted and given instructions for providing payment.

Transferring a Registration

Boogie tickets are NOT refundable, but they are transferable.
If you have any questions about making a transfer, contact Bill Linam 865-250-7650

Want to Sell a Ticket?
If you can't attend the Boogie after paying for a ticket, you can privately resell the ticket.  Check our waiting list (sorted by club affiliation, not priority) for people that want tickets to the Boogie.  If you need contact information for someone on the list, contact Bill LinamHowever, please use the (Registration Transfer Request) to notify us that you are transferring your ticket. DO NOT transfer your ticket without creating a transfer request.  We must have an accurate record of all transfers because no one will be admitted to the Boogie without being properly registered.  When submitting a transfer request, you will be asked if you have a buyer.  If you have a buyer, be sure you have their name, phone number and email address.  If you are selling more than one ticket to different buyers, please create a transfer request for each buyer.  If we need additional information, you and/or the buyer will be contacted.


Need a buyer for your ticket?
The Boogie can help facilitate a private resale of a ticket.  Use the (Registration Transfer Request) to notify us that you want to transfer your ticket.  Indicate on the transfer request that you do not have a buyer.  We will check our waitlist for a buyer, and both you (the seller) and the buyer will be given instructions for making the transfer.  If a payment is required, registration transfer will only occur after the buyer has made payment to you.

Hotel Accommodations

After a guest is registered and Boogie tickets are ordered, an email is sent to the purchaser with information about getting a special Boogie room rate at the Ramsey Hotel.  You can also call (865) 428-2700.  The 2024 Boogie rate for a standard room, including breakfast, is $149+tax. First floor rooms are $189+tax.  The special room rates require the order number provided in the Boogie reservation confirmation email.  Do not make a hotel reservation until you have received your Boogie ticket order number.  Purchasers should share the ticket order confirmation email only with guests on their ticket order.

Registration Begins at Noon June 19th

Guest Tickets Sold Out

SMS Tickets Sold Out

Registration Transfer
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